Quality of Care Testimonials


“Optimal Care has an excellent orthopedic program, electronic medical records and nurse practitioners.  My office patients are thrilled they can receive care at home and not be in the hospital.”

Dr. William Silverstone, D.O.

Family Practice

Everything was handled thoroughly and everyone was friendly. 

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I highly recommend your firm to anyone. We feel we have a personal relationship with Lauren and all your staff.  

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The very personal care, I know Leslie was truly invested in my health in every way, with good questions and very helpful suggestions.

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“I treat patients in the hospital and surrounding senior communities, with nurse practitioners managing each case, I know my patients are receiving the highest quality of care every visit with Optimal Care.”

Dr. Theodore J. Ruza, D.O.

Geriatric Psychiatry

We have found every employee to be respectful, courteous and encouraging. They have all taken the time to explain all aspects of care and educate (our) care staff in the home.

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“Optimal Care uses a nurse practitioner model of care, which assists in decreasing inappropriate and un-necessary hospitalizations. In the current health care climate, caring for someone in the home is a great option with positive outcomes.”

Dr. Kenneth Gallmore, D.O., F.A.C.O.I., C.M.D.

Internal Medicine, Beaumont Hospital, Farmington Hills

“Optimal Care provides high-quality care to patients with excellent communication to their physicians. I would recommend them to any patient, even my family!”

Dr. Jennifer L. Beal, D.O.


I was informed before treatment began. Leslie called me during my mom’s care and was extremely informative. I am very impressed with the level of care she has shown my mom and myself. (10.28.16.)

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